Exploring Santorini
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Santorini is 18 kilometres from tip to toe. And yet, in this tiny place, you can find everything; glorious sunsets, fruity wines and culinary delights, entertainment, the ancient and the extraordinary, a volcano that changed the course of history. Santorini offers a wealth of activities: sea trips with a meal on board, nature walks and photography tours, horse riding, wine tasting, archaeological sites, a helicopter flight at sunset - all are excellent and worth the expense.

Our hotel reception staff can book a car or bike rental, and reserve your seat with any excursion on the island. We can tell you how to get to a particular destination and if there is a tour available.

Of Gods And Atlantis
Legends of Santorini

In Greek Mythology, Santorini was created from a clod of earth thrown into the sea by Euphemus, son of Poseidon. One night Euphemus dreamt that he lay with a nymph, daughter of the god Triton. In his dream, the nymph fell with child. Fearing the wrath of Triton, she told Euphemus to retrieve the clod from Anafi Island, where he was sheltering with the Argonauts. He was to throw it in the sea that she may hide and give birth. Euphemus did the nymph’s bidding, and the Island of Santorini appeared.

In the 1960s, after the excavation of Akrotiri's Minoan settlement, new evidence came to light. Archaeological, seismological and vulcanological discoveries linked the Lost City of Atlantis to Santorini. Opinions proposed that Santorini was the inspiration for Plato's Atlantis. The theory acquired increased support when reconstructions of the island's pre-eruption shape, and frescoes found under the ash, mirrored Plato's writings.

Private Tours With A Licensed Guide
  • Our colleague, Georgia Dimas, offers private tours around Santorini. A licensed tourist guide, a day out with Georgia is fun, informative, and comfortable. Itineraries can be tailor-made to your specific interest. We can arrange an excursion before your arrival or when we meet.

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